The 804 residence is incredibly special to us, as it was the first true custom home we ever built as a company. It was a joy to work with these clients, who knew exactly what they wanted out of their living space. This home was originally their full-time residence and needed to accommodate their large family while still staying true to the luxury they desired.


The Results:

With a client harboring such a clear vision, we worked seamlessly with the lady of the house, involving her on every decision, big or small. The results were a beautiful mix of solid steel and stone that come together for a refined take on modern mountain style. With this residence, we knew it was all about the details. We implemented high performance, triple glazed windows made from Agnora glass out of Canada, a slide for the kids, live-edge wood slabs countertops, even a sliding wall that converted and indoor space to an outdoor one. Simply put, this custom luxury home is just plain cool. We couldn’t be prouder of this project and the opportunity to work with such a great client.