Our approach to 92 was simple in nature: we wanted to create not a custom luxury house, but a luxury home. The client was a family who intended to make this location their well lived-in, full-time residence. Each decision we made was a representation of who it was we were building for and how they planned to function within the home, day-to-day. From magnetized walls for note-leaving to appliances that were hand selected by the cook-extraordinaire of the family, 92 is a true homage to those in dwell there.


The Results:

Working closely with the architect, clients, and our own, we created a strong team that worked great together. We stayed agile to get what the client wanted done, even adapting from the original drawing as we delved further into the process. Completely reclaimed timber, a steel interior, and hewn stone come together to create a mountain industrial residence that looked as though it had been a part of the land well before 2018. The final results were a stunning luxury home where a family could still kick off their shoes and be totally at ease.